Changes to How Envelit Works

Now that two shipments have gone out and we’ve had time to see what kind of problems we’re encountering, it is time to announce two big changes to how Envelit will work in the future.

1) We will now announce the books that will be in the next shipment during the week BEFORE the subscription deadline.  Bonus items may still be up in the air, but the main book titles will be made public while there’s still time to sign up.

2) Shipping…  Okay, so, when we were getting ready to launch Envelit, Vertigo put some random books in a package and went to the post office to find out how much it would cost to ship to various places.  We used those price quotes as the basis for offering the shipping prices we’ve had up until now.  Unfortunately, six days after we were given those quotes, the United States Postal Service TRIPLED the prices for international mail.  When the first shipment went out, we were shocked to find that instead of costing around $8 to mail envelopes to our subscribers in Europe as we were quoted in January, it now cost $23.50.  (April’s shipments were also two ounces lighter than the sample package, so this wasn’t a matter of weight.)  The costs to Canada and Mexico also skyrocketed, while Media Mail’s price inside the US stayed roughly the same.  As the ship date for June’s packages approached, we tried to find another, less expensive way to mail books overseas, but to no avail.  So, it is with heavy hearts that we announce that from here on, shipping for all subscribers outside of the United States will be $23 per package.