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About Envelit

Envelit is a subscription service that brings our readers an envelope stuffed with books of poetry and short fiction every other month.

Subscriptions will be available starting February 1st.  The first shipment will be mailed in April, 2018.


New packages will be mailed each February, April, June, August, October, and December (even-numbered months).  The envelopes will be in the mail sometime around the 15th.

(We hope to expand this to a monthly program at some point in the future, but will stay bi-monthly until we know we have enough subscribers and suppliers to keep everything running on schedule.)

Each envelope will contain between three and six books, plus some other occasional goodies.  The total retail price of the books will never be less than $26.  There will be no more than ONE book in each shipment from any single press or author, unless a substitution has been requested.  (This does not apply to other pack-ins, such as broadsides or other miniature publications that may be included.)

Subscriptions will auto-renew on the anniversary date of when you subscribed.  For instance, if you subscribe on February 2nd, your first shipment will be sent in April but you will be billed for June's shipment on April 2nd.  If you subscribe on March 20th, your next shipment will bill on May 20th.

The contents of the next package will be announced on the 1st of the month it ships.  If you see a book in that month's shipment that you already own, please contact us to request a substitution no later than the 7th.


$25.99 each shipment, plus shipping and handling.


In the United States and its postal territories, shipping will be $4 for each package.  For envelopes going to Canada and Mexico, the charge will be $6.  For the rest of the globe, it will be $8.  Sorry, international readers: the envelopes will be too large and heavy to ship via cheaper methods.


For packages staying in the USA, it should take between two and ten days, depending on how far you are from Akron, Ohio.  If you haven't received your package by the end of the month, please contact us.  Shipments to Canada and Mexico may take up to three weeks to arrive.  Other international shipments may take as long as six weeks.  If you haven't received your package by the end of the subsequent month, please contact us.